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MUSÉE DE L'ÉCOLE DE NANCY. Nancy, France (2011)

36-38 rue du Sergent Blandan
54000 Nancy

Ticket Nº 545010285864.
14.10.2011, 15:34

The Musée de l'École de Nancy is a museum dedicated to the artistic movement of Nancy's Art Nouveau known as the École de Nancy. Housed in the former property of Eugène Corbin, a great patron of the movement, it was officially opened to the public, in its current form, in 1964. In the museum garden is an aquarium, classified as a historic monument, a door made for the factories of Émile Gallé as well as a funerary monument. The collections on display are made up of rooms furnished in the Art Nouveau style (bedroom, bathroom, office, dining room), display cases, devoted in particular to the works of Émile Gallé or the Daum factory, and drawings by Henri Bank. Among the artists exhibited, we can also cite Victor Prouvé, Eugène Vallin, Louis Majorelle and Jacques Gruber.

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